Fit a 

 Speed Limiter 

 10 kph Redline to your Speedo for an



 speed check 

 to help you keep within speed limits


- Your Money
- Your Licence
- Lives
- Fuel

  The eye-catching, fluorescent
Speed Limiter pointer easily attaches
to most Speedo covers in seconds.

  Pre-set to any speed limit in

  With driver safety in mind, to help keep you within the ever varying speed limits and to eliminate speeding fines, loss of licence and ultimately lives; the Speed Awareness Indicator has been designed to help motorists to keep within speed limits in the blink of an eye, without the need to continually refocus on Speedo numbers.


Donít let your Speedo needle get away from you!


- Take the worry out of driving. Fit a Speed Limiter! -

The most important instrument in or on a vehicle is the Speedometer to help the motorist to keep within a safe Speed Limit for an area. Speedo numbers, only being marked at 20 kph intervals, are difficult to read in busy traffic. Having to constantly refocus the eyes to read Speedo numbers to keep to Speed Limits, then back to long focus to be aware of other drivers and driving conditions, is very tiring, an eye strain and a continual distraction from the road. The Speed Limiter has been designed to help us keep within the Speed Limits with the minimum time required to instantly check our speed.

Cruise controls and speed alarms are fiddly and do not encourage drivers to look at their Speedos, diminishing driver responsibility, with the resulting huge increases in speeding offences and encouraging a Ďset and forgetí attitude to Speedo readings.

The Speed Limiter takes two seconds to preset and a split second to check without continually having to read numbers and dashes on the Speedo. The principle of the fleuro eye-catching Speed Awareness Indicator (SAI) is to be instantly aware if the Speedo needle passes a set point. It does not necessarily need to be adjusted for every Speed Limit. Most drivers leave the Speed Limiter on 100 kph on the open road and around 50 or 60kph for around town.

The width of the SAI allows a 10 kph leeway to keep within the Speed Limits and can be used, for example, to check 50 kph on the left side of the pointer and 60 kph at the right side. One thing is for sure, drivers will be looking at their Speedos again. You will notice when using the Speed Limiter, the alarming number of drivers going past you speeding. Look at it this way, the racing driver has a Redline on the rev counter for an instant rpm check through the gears and so on, to save the motor from blowing up. Now the average motorist can also have a Redline for an instant Speed Check for any preset Speed Limit.

This practical and cost effective device, which fits to all clock-faced Speedos and covers regardless of angle and suitable for cars, motorcycles, buses and power boats, is in the reach of all motorists. The money and possibly lives saved by this device benefits everyone. The Speed Limiter is back-lit for easy night reading. When the illuminated Speedo needle drifts into the S.F.A. (Speeding Fine Area) the driver is alerted at a glance, or if being pushed over the limit by other drivers, or descending a hill and can attend to it immediately.

Australia is an undulating country and we can easily drift over the limit if we are not observant of the Speedo at all times.

We only use one third of our Speedos, letís use them wisely. Speedo over-run tolerance is only 3 kph, even more reason for us to look at our Speedos. We feel that our device will be of great benefit to the Fleet Workplace as well as every other motorist.

Do yourself a favour:

eliminate speeding fines and fit a Speed Limiter

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