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Fact Finding Review on the Speed Awareness Indicator (SAI)
Please complete our Revue of the Speed Saver in the interest of Road Safety.
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1. Does your vehicle have a tendency to drift over the speed limit? YES NO
2. Do you have a cruise control/speed alarm fitted? YES NO
3. Do you keep your speedo needle within the Speed Saver range? YES NO
4. Has the Speed Saver improved your speedo reading? YES NO
5. Do you look at/check your speed more often? YES NO
6. Has your driving improved with the Speed Saver? YES NO
7. Has the Speed Saver helped you keep within the speed limits? YES NO
8. Do you find the Speed Saver to be a quick reference for a speed check? YES NO
9. Does the Speed Saver help you concentrate more on your driving? YES NO
10. Do you notice other drivers speeding past you now? YES NO
11. What speed limit(s) do you use the Speed Saver on?
12. In your opinion, would the Speed Saver be beneficial to:
Older Drivers Learner Drivers Some Drivers
Younger P Plate Drivers All Drivers
13. What is your estimated mileage per year?
14. What year, make/model of vehicle do you drive?
Company:     Postcode: 
Male    Female    Age Group:  18-21   22-30   31-45   46-60 61+
We would appreciate your comments/suggestions on the Speed Saver in the interests of Road Safety:
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